Appalachian Symphonic Band Repertoire

Joe Brashier, conductor
W. Francis McBeth, guest conductor
Thursday, April 30, 1992

Country Band March – Charles Ives
They Hung Their Harps in the Willows – W. Francis McBeth
Whispers from Handel – Jerome Summers
Kaddish – W. Francis McBethCaccia – W. Francis McBeth
Pagan Dances – James Barnes

Joe Brashier, conductor
Ray Hutcherson, soprano saxophone
Todd Wright, alto saxophone
Shannon Stone, tenor saxophone
Jerry Cain, baritone saxophone
Thursday, March 5, 1992

Egmont Overture – Ludwig van Beethoven
Third Suite – Robert Jager
A Maritime Overture – John Ireland
Jazz Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Concert Band – Bill Holcombe (Ray Hutcherson, soprano saxophone; Todd
Wright, alto saxophone; Shannon Stone, tenor saxophone; Jerry Cain, baritone saxophone)
Marche des Parachutistes Belges – Pieter Leemans
Ballet Sacra – David Holsinger

Joe Brashier, conductor
Barry Shepherd, graduate conductor
Thursday, May 2, 1991

Sinfonia Nobilissima – Robert Jager
Second Suite in F – Gustav Holst
Canzone – Elliot Del Borgo
Finale from Symphony No. 2 – Charles Ives
The Battle of Shiloh – C. L. Barnhouse
Of Sailors and Whales – W. Francis McBeth

Joe Brashier, conductor
Barry Shepherd, graduate conductor
Tuesday, February 26, 1991

Gallito – Santiago Lope Gonzalo/ed. Roy Weger
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night – Elliot Del Borgo
Symphony for Band, I. Epitaphs; II. Marches – Morton Gould
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon – Percy Aldridge Grainger
Russian Christmas Music – Alfred Reed